RISERS resources

Gaps and opportunities analysis for priority synergies

RISERS priority synergies

Bridging R&I and standardisation

Map of Current R&I Activities Related to the Priorities for Industrial Symbiosis Standardisation

Awareness/Training Materials Targeting Standardisation Activities for R&I Project

Map of Standardisation Related R&I Needs

Priority resource with substitutions and standardisation needs to facilitate market access

Case study on industry experience of IS substitutions in development

Policy making for industrial symbiosis

Key policy stakeholders for Industrial Symbiosis

Policy Recommendation [1]

Policy Recommendation [2]

Roadmap for industrial symbiosis standardisation

Mapping of European and International Technical Bodies relevant for Industrial Symbiosis

Technical Committees survey results

Roadmap for industrial symbiosis standardisation

IS Recommendations and Toolbox for Technical Committees

Dissemination, communication and exploitation

Report on the first round of the stakeholders workshops

Report on the Final Project Conference

Report on the second round of stakeholder workshops

Project leaflet [PDF]