RISERS (A Roadmap for Industrial Symbiosis Standardisation for Efficient Resource Sharing) is committed to guiding the standardisation of industrial symbiosis to enhance resource efficiency across Europe. This initiative, launched under the European Union’s Horizon Europe Programme, offers a solution to fill in standardisation gaps and address the significant barriers hindering the establishment of standards for efficient resource sharing. By collaborating with experts and practitioners from various sectors including industry, policy, academia, and standardisation bodies, conducting thorough mapping of the IS standardisation landscape and identification of opportunities for intra- and inter-sectoral synergies, RISERS will provide a comprehensive Roadmap that will steer IS standardisation efforts in Europe toward greater efficiency and sustainability.

Our mission is to establish clear pathways and actions aimed at developing essential standards conducive to high-impact synergies for Europe’s economy. We are committed to facilitating a cohesive strategy for integrating Research and Innovation (R&I) into standardisation processes. Through collaborative efforts with stakeholders, we seek to develop a robust standardisation framework that enhances industrial symbiosis, fostering interoperability and compatibility. This streamlined approach optimises resource utilisation, benefiting industry, the environment, and society at large.

The RISERS project was launched in January 2024 with a duration of 3 years.