RISERS builds a cohesive framework integrating practice, policy and R&I to promote the standardisation of IS focused on priority synergies and resources for high-impact EU resilience.

RISERS objectives:

  • Map the landscape of IS-related standardisation to identify specific bottlenecks, gaps and opportunities for standardisation to advance the mainstream adoption of priority synergies. 
  • Strengthen the uptake of R&I results to foster an adaptable environment for evidence-based and innovation-driven IS standardisation. 
  • Develop new and contribute to the existing directions for IS standardisation promoting circularity of resources and make recommendations for the development of new standards. 
  • Identify policy frameworks relevant for IS and engage with policymakers to advocate for policies and regulations fostering IS and their integration into a broader context of sustainability policies
  • Increase stakeholders’ engagement, establishing an active dialogue between the standardisation community and IS practitioners via Hubs for Circularity Community of Practice and discuss the needs and challenges for bringing new technologies and innovative solutions to the market 

To achieve this goal, RISERS is developing a knowledge base as well as tools for skills and capacity building including a set of reports, policy recommendations, training materials for R&D community and guidelines for standardisation bodies. They result from our studies and consultation with stakeholders relevant for industrial symbiosis standardisation.

Our methodological approach to build this framework involves :

  • Engagement and collaboration with a wide array of stakeholders  including industry practitioners, standardisation bodies, policymakers, academic researchers, and other relevant actors to enhance the comprehension of the opportunities and hurdles within industrial symbiosis, guide the standardisation actions towards commonly identified priority areas and highlight the tangible benefits for all involved.
  • Analysis of gaps and opportunities for IS and IS standardisation both in practice and R&I stages.
  • Developing a roadmap for IS standardisation focused on priority synergies and resources for high-impact EU resilience taking into account practice, policy and R&I aspects.